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How To Create a Marketing Strategy?

  • What is a digital marketing strategy?
  • Does digital marketing strategy important for business?
  • Principles of digital marketing strategy.
  • How to create a perfect strategy for your business

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A strategy is the same as planning. We always plan everything before did it? Same as if we want to run your business very successfully so we should have a strategy where we should start it and how we can achieve our goal.

Example: Imagine you are the owner of a shoe company like Sharma footwear. You have opened a shop and import shoes from various dealers. Now there are more competitors for you in your market they have new clients daily and sell their products to them although you have the best quality still, nobody wants to come to your shop and do purchase from you?

What to do?

Now on this point, you need to give a strategy to your business to run it successfully. You need to focus on how you can aware people from your brand, why they do purchase from you and sort of things you need to focus on. Investment is not enough for a business you should have proper planning that how I can bring an outcome from it.

Strategy Is Important For Businesses?

It’s not making any sense of doing business without having any strategy. It’s like you are walking on the road but don’t know where you want to go and how you will go. Every business needs a strategy after that only business will grow consistently. In some cases, we can see the businesses grow very successfully but it will not consistent it’s like a once in a moon something happen for a while and after some time we all get back to the thing which is consistently growing because we have a faith on it we believe that this brand or a product gives us a satisfaction from a very long time. So if you are planning for a new business make sure you have the most effective strategy so that you will get huge clients and you can consistent on it.

Principle for Making Strategies

You should keep 4 things in your mind very clearly.

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Sale
  • Loyalty


Awareness is making a most important role to grow your business. If people will not aware of your brand or product so how they will contact to you and come to for buying it so make sure people will aware of your business then only you will do success in your field.


Why did consumers consider your product? There is so many other shops or brands available in the market and sell the same thing and people are also use to of buying that product only from them so why a consumer will come to you? You should have some strategies to sell your product to the consumer. You have to give them a reason why they do purchase only from you whether you will give them a discount or a coupon or anything but you should give them a reason for purchasing from you.


We all think that we can easily sell anything to the client but it’s not as easier as we think it. We have to sell the best quality to the client. Selling something is not enough you should make a perfect relationship with your client so that they come to your shop again.


It’s not that loyalty which you are maintaining with your friends or anybody. You should be loyal to your consumers by giving them a proper response, after-sale services, solve the issues that they are facing in using your product. There are lots of companies that are lacking in this particular part of the strategy of the business. If you will have control over it so you will never be lost your old consumers.

How to create a perfect strategy for your business

You can open the video link which is given below. This will teach you the best way of industry to make a business strategy for every business.

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