Things Which You Should Know About Digital Marketing

Importance Of Digital Marketing & Basic Terms?


• CPM – Cost Per Mille (cost per thousand impressions) the importance of digital marketing

• Keyword – The keyword is that word which your audience search in their topic on search engine ( google etc,)

• CPC – Cost Per Click

• CTA – Call to action

• KPI – Key performance indicator

• CTR – Click-through rate

• SEO – Search engine optimization

• CRO – Conversion rate optimization

• CRM – Customer relationship management

• Audience – Who engage with us successfully and do purchase from our websites

• Traffic – Who did click on our pages (But we are not sure that it will give benefit to us)

• Target Audience – You should know that what kind of audience you want to target from your ads like from which age group they are from what there likes & dislikes etc.

• Conversion – When a visiter did a positive action on your site it called conversion. It can be purchased, Sign up, etc.

Important Facts Of Digital Marketing

• In 1994 the first banner ad was launched & People start to understand the online banner advertisement
• In 1996 first reporting platforms for banner ads launched. After this CPM model was live for everyone
• In 1997 popup ads took over the internet
• Double click was a competitor of google till 2010
• was also used as a search engine before 2000
• In 2000 google ad words launched
• In 2007 social media advertising launch with FB business page

With Pm Modi winning in 2014 focus was on to get everything digital after this people start to understand the importance of digital marketing & in 2015 when Jio sim launched successfully we become the world’s second-biggest internet-using population. Expected to see a double fold rise in the next 4 years with 75% growth in non-urban areas.

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