Basic Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing. It Helps You To Be Professional

The Topic We Cover :

• Definition Of Digital Marketing
• What Is Marketing
• What Is Traditional Marketing
• Difference Between Traditional & Digital Marketing
• Career & Opportunities In This Field

Definition of digital marketing

Doing promotions of your business or a product by using the internet or web is called digital marketing.

What is marketing?

MARKETING is a very important thing to grow your business. It is a technique to influence or encourage your customers for buying your product. Through marketing, there is an 80% chance that your business will get a boost & Your consumer will increase.

There are two types of marketing
1- Word-Of-Mouth
2- General Marketing

Word-Of-Mouth in this marketing your consumer will influence or encourage other people about your product & give them confidence that they can do purchase from you. This type of marketing will boost your impression in the industry and helps to do awareness of your product.

General Marketing in this marketing your motive is different. You did promotions of your product by using newspaper ads, tv channel ads, etc, so that people know about your business and you will get lots of new customers.

What Is Traditional Marketing

In 1991 when this Digital Marketing was not introduced by people so every businessman and entrepreneur doing their marketing in a traditional way like:
• They display their brand hoardings on the roadside
• Give a TV channel ads
• Give newspaper ads
• Distribution of pamphlets in the local market
• Display Poster everywhere
• Distribution of flyers in the local market

Difference Between Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing

Behind traditional marketing the basic motives just increase the sale of the product and increase the number of consumers. In digital marketing, you can communicate from your viewers, you will know what kind of people likes your ads most what is the age of the viewer and many more things.
In the comparison of Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing is more beneficial for businesses and for those people who want to promote their brand, product & want to increase their users.

Let’s assume that you are a businessman and you have a bakery shop so in the starting of your business you run so many traditional marketing campaigns like
• Flyers distribution
• Poster branding
• Pamphlet distribution
• Banners & holdings

After this branding the main challenge you face that you cannot found or target your audience. You cannot calculate how many people seen your add/display. And what is the response of the audience towards your branding or product, what is the age of your viewer & what there likes and dislikes etc.
After some time you hear from someone that you can promote your business or product online as well so you started doing this through facebook campaigns, google ads, through social media, etc. After this the benefits you will get :

• Now you can see how many people stay longer on your product ads
• What is the age group of your viewer
• What is the most viewed product from your product list
• You will know likes and dislikes of your viewers
• You can now promote your fresh products on social media platforms etc.

Career & Opportunities In Digital Marketing

If you are doing digital marketing whether it’s from an institute or either from online sessions after the completion there are so many options available for you.

  • Job – If you are seeking a job so after completion of this course you will easily get a job in any reputed company. In comparison from other digital marketers earn huge salary packages. Around 20 lakh jobs will there in the coming year.  

  • Freelancing – If you want to become a freelancer digital marketer so there are so many companies & agencies who give there work to freelancers who have good digital marketing knowledge & have the potential to give them a result according to their needs.                                                                                                                                         
  • Own Start-Up – Now in India so many youngsters started up there own companies based on their skills. We have lots of examples who started their companies from very initial step and now there start-up made a history. We can take an example of an Urban Clap the founder of the company Mr. Abhiraj Bhal, Raghav Chandra & Varun Khaitan they started there journey in 2014.

Blogging – If you have a deep knowledge of anything so you can earn from blogging as well by writing a good & effective blog. So many people write blogs and post it on sites.

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