What Is Youtube Marketing?

We Cover      

•           What Is YouTube

•           Why We Should Use It For Marketing

•           Is It Helpful For Your Business

•           YouTube Configurations

What Is YouTube

YouTube is a very big video sharing platform where you can share and watch videos without any limitations. The CEO of youtube is Susan Wojcicki and the service starts by chad hurley, steve Chen and jawed Karim.

Why We Should Use It For Marketing

There are several reasons for using Youtube as a marketing tool.

•           After google youtube is the second largest search engine in the world.

•           Every minute 100 hours video uploaded on youtube

•           1 billion daily views come from mobile devices.

•           25% of views globally are from mobile devices.

•           Youtube is now being accessed from hundreds of millions of devices.

•           billions of hours of video are watched monthly.

•           20% of all internet traffic comes from youtube only.

•           More than 2 billion unique users visit youtube every month.

•           56 countries post their content on youtube in 61 languages.

Through these points, you can have an idea that youtube is a very big platform and so many persons spend their time on youtube. You Target your audience very well from youtube aswell.

Is It Helpful For Your Business

Youtube marketing very helpful tool for extending your business. You can make a short video about your business and post it on youtube. As you can see in points which is mention upside so according to that lots of people spend their time on youtube you can get so many new customers from youtube promotions & You can post your branding material as a Video format.  

Youtube Customization

•           Channel Icon

•           Channel Art

•           Channel Description

•           Custom Thumbnails

•           Featured Video & Playlist

•           Cards

•           Watermark

For Learn These All Customizations Watch The Video Given Below.

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